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Chapter 3

"I have feelings for Sam," Cas stated, surprising Dean, once Cas had caught Dean alone a little while later. "but James and I are good friends."

"You referring to your boyfriend by his last name now?"

"No, Dean, James is his first name. Bardulf is his... middle name. Or a approximation of it."

"So what's his last name then?"

"I can not tell you. I will not betray his trust."

"Dammit, Cas! Why not?"

"Because he is a private person. He does not want his business known publically."

Dean scowled, but decided to let the matter drop for now. "So, you're dating 'James' but you have feelings for Sam? Does James know?"

"Yes, Dean. James and I are not dating. We're just friends. I do not like that Sam is dating Barty... and nor does James for that matter."

"What does he have against Barty?"

"That's part of the private business."

Dean rubbed his forehead. "So let me get this straight, you aren't dating but Sam thinks you are and you're jealous because Sam is dating someone else?"

"Yes, Dean. Sam is too good for Barty." A pause. "I want Sam to notice me but he is too wrapped up in Barty to notice me."

Dean smiled as the devious plot formed itself in his mind. "Well, what you do, Cas, is actually say that you and James are dating. That would make him take notice and get jealous." He frowned. "You may want to run the plan by James first... so he knows what's what."

"I think James would like this plan. He can be as devious as his brother sometimes."

"He has a brother? Another dork?"

"He does. He is the oldest of a set of identical twins and I do not think his brother would appreciate being called a dork."

Dean smiled. "Well, I do like twins. Especially red heads... Not that he's my type. I bet he listens to Celine Dion or other emo music."

"He, from what I can gather, doesn't like Celine Dion."

Dean waved his hand. "So, Cas, are you going to tell Sam that you like him or not?"

"I will try your plan first. See if that gets his attention."


"Of course, it might all go all wrong."

"Cas, don't be such a Debbie Downer. What could possibly go wrong? C'mon, let's find your friend and run it by him."

"This is a bad idea," Cas said, as Dean led him to Bardulf's room. He knocked on the door.

"Hang on a sec, let get some clothes on," Bardulf called on the other side of the door. The door opened a few seconds later and Bardulf looked surprised at his visitors. "Dean, Cas. To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?"

"We need to talk to you," Dean said, pushing his way in.

"Sure, come in," Bardulf said sarcastically, closing the door behind Dean and Cas. "What's this all about?"

"Well, you know how I feel about Sam?"

"Yeah. Pretty obvious. What about it?"

"Well, I got a brilliant plan. You and Cas pretend to date and hopefully Sam will wake up and smell the coffee and notice Cas."

"That's a terrible plan," Bardulf stated.

"It's a fantastic plan. What can possible go wrong?" Dean questioned.

"You've jinxed it. That's like saying 'This is the best Christmas Watford will ever had' or something like that."


"I don't understand that reference."

"Never mind. If someone says 'what can possibly go wrong' it means everything will go wrong."

"You are a Debbie Downer too."

"I'm a realist."


A few days later, after Sam had given Dean's plan some thought, Sam knocked on Barty's door, hoping Dean was out as he didn't want to deal with his brother mocking him for what he was about to do.

Barty opened the door, wearing just a pair of boxer shorts and towelling his slightly damp hair. "Sam, to what do I owe this pleasure?"

Sam's brain stuttered to a halt as he took in Barty's body. Barty was pale, slim and slightly muscular. While Sam liked Cas, he could appreciate another person's body. "Uh, well, is Dean here?"

"No, he's not."

Sam breathed out a sigh of relief. "Thank God. I have a favor I'd like to ask you and I didn't want Dean to know... yet."

Barty opened the door wider so Sam could come in. "Come in."

Sam entered the room and shut the door behind him. "Thanks."

Barty pointed to Dean's bed. "Sit. Let me chuck on some clothes first and then tell me what the favour is," Barty said, throwing the towel onto his own bed and pulling on a pair of black sweatpants. "So what's the favour?"

"Uh, it's something you said earlier."


"Well, you said that a song could reveal a million things."

"I want to do that for Cas... But I can't sing."

"So you want me to give you singing lessons?"

"Yeah. If it's not too much trouble."

Barty smiled. "Hell no. As the band is on hiatus with John and Jack back in Cardiff, D is travelling and J is...around, I need something to keep me occupied. In case it escaped your notice, that was a 'yes', Sam."

"Thank you," Sam gushed. "I owe you big time for this."

"Nah, just name your adoptive child after me and we'll call it square," Barty said, extending his hand which Sam shook.

Sam noticed that Barty's fingers were calloused and frowned.

"You can always tell a guitarist by their hands," Barty said, seeming to read Sam's mind. "True guitarists have callouses on their fingers from the strings. Sometimes on just one hand, if they use a plectrum, but if you're like J, it'll be on both hands."

"Oh. Right."

Barty smiled. "Besides, what kind of fake boyfriend would I be if I didn't help you get the man of your dreams?"

"A bad one?"


"So what are you doing for Spring Break?"

"I'm flying back to Cardiff with my brother." Barty sighed. "That'll be fun. What about you?"

"Driving back to Kansas." Sam grinned.

"Is Cas gonna be there?"


"Well, if you don't come back without a tale on how you didn't pin him, or get pinned by him against a wall, then I dunno what I'll do with you."

"Against a wall?"

"Can't beat it."

"Hey, we must keep in touch while you're in Cardiff. I'll give you my Yahoo Messenger username." He reached for a bit of paper and scribbled down his username, handing it to Barty, who barked a laugh at Sam's username. "Dean chose it for me."

"Well, they are pretty epic." Barty grinned and wrote his own username down and passed it to Sam. "J set it up for me."

"I'll add you tonight."

"I'll be on then."

"Great." Sam smiled.


A few days later after a long trip back to the bunker for the Spring Break, Sam logged into Yahoo Messenger and frowned at his user name. Dean had chosen it for a joke and Sam didn't want to change it. He clicked on the name 'BJCJRockStar62' whose status read 'I hate flying and jetlag's a bitch' and typed a message.

BitchFace83:Hey Dude, how was your flight?

BJCJRockStar62: slow bumpy and n oisy

BitchFace83: Dean doesn't like to fly.

BJCJRockStar62: can see why not

BitchFace83: So what time is it over there?

BJCJRockStar62: just had something to eat. j cooked.

BitchFace83: Sounds like fun.

BJCJRockStar62: it's okay. he can cook. he wanted to be a chef before he became a rockstar. i love your name on here btw.

BitchFace83: Dean chose it.

BJCJRockStar62: how is my roommate?

BitchFace83: bored

BJCJRockStar62: asl

BitchFace83: huh?

BJCJRockStar62: j just told me to type those letters in

BitchFace83: you do realise you just opened the prospect for cybersex, don't you?

BJCJRockStar62: he just laughed and said it looked like i was cybering so he thought he'd give me hand in starting it off.

BitchFace83: bad choice of words there

BJCJRockStar62: what?

BJCJRockStar62: oh i see. no pun intended

BJCJRockStar62: do you think deans pplan would work

BitchFace83: Well, Caas isn't speaking to me at the moment. I think he hates me

BJCJRockStar62: or maybe hes jealous

BitchFace83: I'm hoping it's the second choice

BJCJRockStar62: me too

"Dude, are you having cybersex over there?" Dean asked, drawing Sam's attention away from the screen.

Sam laughed. "No, I'm chatting to Barty but his brother just told him to ask for my age, sex and location. I think he pulled a prank on Barty."

Dean choked and sat down next to Sam. "J Brightwolf just pranked you? Is he online?"

"No." Sam turned his attention back to the screen. He frowned when Dean typed a message and sent it.

BitchFace83: this is dean. does your brother come online at all

BJCJRockStar62:hey dean. not a lot but he likes to be invisible so he doesnt get spam whetver that means

BJCJRockStar62: j just said to give him 5 and he'll be online. hes just finishing up a new song

BitchFace83: Really? What's it called?

BJCJRockStar62: wolf in sheeps clothing

BJCJRockStar62: itll sound really good when the band get around to playing it

BitchFace83: dude, thats awesome. can't wait to hear it

BJCJRockStar62: ill pass the message on.

BitchFace83: Sam again. Dean needs to use his own computer

BitchFace83: i'll use the other computer then.

BitchFace83: Dean's just logged on to his own account. Mind if I add him to chat?

BJCJRockStar62: no go ahead

ZepplinRocks79 has joined the conversation:

BJCJRockStar62: hey dean

ZepplinRocks79: hey barty

BJCJRockStar62: j said hed be on in a few

BJCJRockStar62: hes on now mind if i add him

ZepplinRocks79: definitely not

BitchFace83: Go ahead

JBCRockStarNChef62 has joined the conversation:

JBCRockStarNChef62: Barty? What the Hell?

JBCRockStarNChef62: Hey everyone

ZepplinRocks79: hi im dean

JBCRockStarNChef62: Like your username, Dean. The Zep definitely rocks

ZepplinRocks79: At last someone with taste

BitchFace83: Hi. My name's Sam

JBCRockStarNChef62: Hi Sam. LOL What's with the username?

BitchFace83: My brother chose it for me

JBCRockStarNChef62: Brothers, eh?

JBCRockStarNChef62: So what has my idiot brother roped me into now?

BJCJRockStar62. hey

BJCJRockStar62: well, sam likes someone, who is dating someone else. so dean suggested that sam date me to make this person jealous.

JBCRockStarNChef62: Wow! What is this, a Shakespeare play? that's a crazy plan

ZepplinRocks79: its a sound plan

JBCRockStarNChef62: Yeah, if you want it to backfire on you

JBCRockStar62: As I said before, that's a crazy plan.

ZepplinRocks79: what can go wrong

BJCJRockStar62: That's jinxed it

JBCRockStar62: like saying 'This'll be the best Christmas Watford has ever ahd

JBCRockStar62: *had

BJCJRockStar62: have you been watching eastenders again?

JBCRockStar62: Well, the storyline is gripping... Uh, sorry back to the plan of Dean's

BitchFace83: Right. I don't lick the person that Cas has chosen

BitchFace83: *like

BitchFace83: Someone who has to be my mortal enemy. He keeps glaring at me during class

ZepplinRocks79: i dont do shakespeare unless its the version mr willis does

Bitchface83: He's our English teacher.

BJCJRockStar62: well, sam likes someone, who is dating someone else. so dean suggested that sam date me to make this person jealous.

BitchFace83: Someone who has to be my mortal enemy. He keeps glaring at me during class

JBCRockStarNChef62: Wait a minute. Not James Willis?

ZepplinRocks79: dont know his first name but possibly. you know him?

JBCRockStarNChef62: If it's the one I know... Is he a classic rock fan? Comes from England?

ZepplinRocks79: yeah. dude is awesome.

JBCRockStarNChef62: Yeah. I know him.

Bitchface83: Small world

ZepplinRocks79: he never mentioned that he knows you

JBCRockStarNChef62: When I knew him, I wasn't famous. Anyway, apart from cooking up zany plans, what have you been u to?

Sam hesitated. He didn't want to tell J Brightwolf about what he and his brother actually do for a living. He didn't want to scare the rock star, who seemed pretty cool, away.

Bitchface83: Not a lot. Dean and I just got rid of a few pests. It's a messy job bt someone has to do it.

JBCRockStarNChef62: That sucks. Wish you could've gotten rid of a pest earlier on for me. But nuff bout me, what else you been doing?

BitchFace83: Barty tells me that you can cook

JBCRockStarNChef62: Yeah, I enjoy working in the kitten

JBCRockStarNChef62: *kitchen. I swear I don't have a cat obsession. I like 'em and all but I'm not obseessed with 'em

BJCJRockStar62: so you say but you have 4 of the furry demons. one is currently sitting on my lap prring

JBCRockStarNChef62: He luvs you. You're as bad as each other. But back to the matter in hand. I love coking

JBCRockStarNChef62: *cooking The mistyping thing is catching

JBCRockStarNChef62: btw my typing sucks. esp after drinking whiskey. and am currently drinking some

ZepplinRocks79: what type

JBCRockStarNChef62: Double malt Scottish whiskey

ZepplinRocks79: cool save me some

JBCRockStarNChef62: will do. Am going to attempt to type at least properly now. or at least understandably.

JBCRockStarNChef62: And i think i didn't spell that right. But oh well

BJCJRockStar62: ive been helping sam out with the plan and giving him singing lessons

JBCRockStarNChef62: You already told me.

BJCJRockStar62: Whatever

JBCRockStarNChef62: How's that coming along?

BJCJRockStar62: He's good.

JBCRockStarNChef62: Good to hear. Think he'd be rockstar material?

Bitchface83: Thanks

BJCJRockStar62: no problem, sexy

ZepplinRocks79: right here you know

JBCRockStarNChef62: You two can flirt later

BJCJRockStar62: bite me j

Sam watched the messages fly back and forth between Barty and his brother.

JBCRockStarNChef62: So Sam, tell me about the guy you like

BitchFace83: Well, not much to tell. Known him for a long time

ZepplinRocks79: cas is like our best friend. more like a brother

ZepplinRocks79: but less pain in the ass than sam

BitchFace83: Hey! Jerk

ZepplinRocks79: Bitch

BitchFace83: But he's dating my enemy

JBCRockStarNChef62: So you're jealous?

BitchFace83: Yes

JBCRockStarNChef62: I see. Why is he your enemy?

BitchFace83: He's always grouchy and he glares at me in class. This dating Cas has pt him on my hit list though.

JBCRockStarNChef62: It might be something simple as not enough sleep or something

ZepplinRocks79: He has the room next to mine and barty's and he's always up before us

ZepplinRocks79: and I can hear Celine Dion coming from his room at all hours of the night.

JBCRockStarNChef62: No way! Urgh! Celine Dion.... Yuck!

BitchFace83: I dunno. He doesn't strike me as the type of person to listen to Celine Dion.

BJCJRockStar62: you're right. he's more of a rock fan.

BJCJRockStar62: he cornered me one time and asked me to practice my guitar louder as he said he sleeps better with rock.

JBCRockStarNChef62:Anyway, changing the subject back to the plan. Dean came up with this half cocked plan to make Cas jealous and then what?

ZepplinRocks79: sammy and cas ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after

ZepplinRocks79: didnt mean to make it sound like a chick flick moment

BitchFace83: S'okay Dean. We all know you're soppy under all that bravado

JBCRockStarNChef62: My lips are sealed.

ZepplinRocks79: good.

JBCRockStarNChef62: Crap! I have to go. My phone just went off. Sorry guys.

BJCJRockStar62: Want me to come along?

JBCRockStarNChef62: If you wish. Sorry again.

JBCRockStarNChef62: Talk to you later, guys?

ZepplinRocks79: sure dude.

BitchFace83: Definitely.

JBCRockStarNChef62: Bye all

ZepplinRocks79: bye j

BJCJRockStar62: i have to go too. speak later

ZepplinRocks79: bye barty

BitchFace83: Buye BBarty, Bye J

JBCRockStarNChef62: Bye Dean, Bye Sam, Bye Barty

BJCJRockStar62: bye dean bye sam bye j

JBCRockStarNChef62 has left the conversation

BJCJRockStar62 has left the conversation

Dean looked gleeful. "A rockstar. I just chatted to a rockstar."

"Yeah, I get it. You're in love. Even he thinks this is a crazy idea."

"Yeah, but he was drunk... Or on his way to getting there."

"Yeah. Now where's Cas gone to?"

"I think he and Kevin were in the kitchen."


"Yeah, I think Charlie turned up also."

"Good. Let's talk to her when Cas isn't around and see what she says."

"I know what she'll say."

Chapter 4