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Fic: Just A Scratch

Title: Just A Scratch
Characters: Sam, James (OC)
Pairing: Very Slight Sam/James
Summary: After a hunt, James and Sam return to the motel room to get patched up.
Rating: PG13
A/N: This is part of my season 6 AU where my OC James joins the team. Soulless Sam never happened.
Warning: Blood, H/C

Sam leaned on James as the red haired man opened the motel door. A hunt involving werewolves had gone slightly wrong and had ended up with both men getting slashed across the chest. Luckily the werewolves were dealt with so there was no chance of any other innocent person getting bitten.

James led Sam in and walked him over to the bed. "Now, you stay," he ordered, pushing Sam onto the bed. "I'll have you patched up in no time."

"Do you even know what you're doing?" Sam asked weakly.

"I dated a doctor," James answered as he gathered the necessary materials together. "She thought it would be good to teach me how to patch someone up. Came in handy in my line of work."


"Being a chef. And also hunting." James turned to see Sam trying to get off the bed. "Sam Winchester, get your arse back into bed before I sit on you."

"Can tell you're a big brother."

"Yeah, and my younger brother is just as much a pain in the arse as you are. Lie down."

"Do you think Dean and Cas are okay?"

"Yeah, they just had to sort out a few things. They'll be here asap." James sighed as he sat on the bed. "Do you want to still be looking like ground beef when they get back?"


"Then lie down and let me help."

"But you're hurt too."

"I'll heal. I've had worse wounds from a cat. Lie down, Sam, or I will sit on you." James helped remove Sam's torn shirt and put it to one side, making a mental note to dispose of it later.

"Must have been a big cat." Sam did as he was ordered. "You do me and I'll do you afterwards."

"Deal," James said, pleased that Sam was obeying him for once. He cleaned out the wound, whispering words of comfort as Sam winced. "It's okay." He threaded the needle and started suturing the wound.

"Think Dean and Cas have sorted out the mess in that kitchen?"

"Hopefully. Now stay still."

"You were quite handy in the kitchen. Thanks for knocking that werewolf out before it bit me. What did you hit it with anyway?"

"A cast iron frying pan."

"Remind me never to get on your bad side."

"Only if you really piss me off. No one beats me in the kitchen."

"Whatever you say, Casey Ryback."

"We do have the same profession." James smirked and placed a hand on Sam's shoulder as he tried to sit up. "I haven't finished. Lie back."

"It hurts."

"I know. But if you move it'll hurt a lot more." James said, his tongue slightly poking out as he sewed the wound together. "Almost done."

Sam tried to sit up again. He grunted as James pushed him down and then straddled his legs, placing his free hand on Sam's chest, causing Sam to suck in a surprised breath. "Cold hands! Get off!" he protested, hyper aware of the other man's warm weight on him. 'He smells nice," Sam thought, feeling himself harden despite himself. If James moved up his body a few inches, he would be aware of the effect the closeness of his body was having on Sam. 'Think of something else,' Sam told himself quietly. 'Think of the most boring lecture ever,' he thought, sighing in relief as his erection deflated.

"No. Not until I'm done. "

"You're heavy."

"All the better to keep you still," James answered, as he resumed his suturing. "I'm going to need a drink when this is done."

"You and me both."

"Dean trusts me to look after you and I don't want to let him down."

"You don't want Dean to shoot you with rock salt again." When James didn't answer, Sam smiled. "You're secretly a pussycat under that gruff exterior. I think I'll call you 'Kitty' from now on."

"Call me that and I'll show my claws," James commented in an amused tone of voice as he finished up and carefully tied the suture off. "All done." He climbed off Sam. "Stay put. You move and I'll sit on you again." He moved to get the gauze out of the first aid box.

"For such a slim guy, you're quite heavy."

"Muscle." James' phone rang and he dug into his pocket, unmindful of the blood on his hands and pulled it out. "Yeah. We're fine. Back at the motel." He listened for a bit. "Well, It was just a flesh wound. Sam's been patched up. Dean, don't panic. I've done it before." He looked over to Sam who was trying to stand up. "Sam, if you get up off that bed, I will be forced to tie you down and I have had a lot of practice with bondage knots."

Sam felt his erection twitch. "I need the bathroom. And I don't need to know about what you do in the bedroom."

"Go, and don't think I won't be timing you. I need to put the gauze on you." James turned his attention to the phone as Sam stumbled towards the bathroom, grumbling all the way. "Don't call me Kitty! No, don't ask, Dean. You Winchesters, you think once you've been patched up, you can fight another battle. It's a wonder you haven't passed out yet." He listened for a moment. "Yeah, you can blame me being a big brother." He looked up as Sam stepped out of the bathroom shirtless and looking flustered. "You all right?"

"Yeah." Sam gave James his patented bitchface. "Now, it's your turn."

"I'm fine. Just need a shower." James noticed something he hadn't noticed before. Sam's wounds were healing faster than normal. "Shit. Dean, can I call you back?" He listened to Dean on the other end of the phone. "No. Everything's fine. Come back when you can. Can you bring some coffee please? Thanks. I'll see you then." He made sure that Dean had hung up, not wanting to repeat an embarrassing incident where he forgot to hang up with his friend before he made a move on his then partner, even though, this wasn't going to end that way, before adopting a serious expression. "Sam, did you get bitten?"

"No. I don't think so, why?"

James indicated Sam's chest. "Look down."

Sam did as asked and he frowned. "That's weird. So everything's sorted, then?"

"Yep. Dean and Cas are on their way back."

Sam tugged at James' shirt. "Come on, it's your turn now."

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So on my way to check out the rest of these fics that's involving James!! I do hope we'll see some more of him, soon!!!

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Thanks for your comment. James is quite a character, isn't he?